Das Capital coverWelcome to the unofficial Auteurs homepage. This is the latest incarnation of the site in its long history. The site is fully up-to-date with all Auteurs releases that I know of. Obviously if you have any information fell free to let me know.


The Releases section contains details (catalogue numbers etc.) of the albums and singles released by The Auteurs. You can also find details of appearances on compilations, promo releases and bootlegs.


The Lyrics section contains the lyrics from all three albums, and a number of the b-sides from singles. As to the accuracy I can only say that I may have made a few mistakes in copying and in listening to the b-sides.


The latest news and happenings in the world of the Auteurs. Seeing as they seem to have gone on an extended break, this may be slow to update!

Review and Interviews

The Reviews and Interviews section contains reviews of the albums, singles, concerts and general interviews. Some of the articles are short and sweet, others longer.

Who's Who

The Who's Who section attempts to explain who is who, where is where and what is what in the songs. Feel free to contribute !


The images section contains pictures of albums covers, singles covers, band shots and various other shots. Different sizes are available in a display of wonderful generosity on my part.


The Links section contains links to other sites of interest. These include other Auteurs sites, Baader Meinhof info and record company sites.

What's New

The What's New section details the changes and additions on the site. So if you're a regular visitor you may want to come here to keep tabs on any updates.