The Luke Haines Resource

The newest site, put together by a number of people. It covers the Auteurs as well as Haines other bands and solo projects. It's well done with a fairly nice layout, although I really hate the way Lycos adverts keep appearing.

Tobias Johansson's Auteurs pages

Tobias had the second Auteurs site on the net, and a fine site it was too. He no longer updates it which is a pity, but it's still worth a look as it has some good information.

Official Luke Haines site

The official site. It started out very well, but hasn't been updated in an awfully long time. It looks a bit sad now, sitting there with information on forthcoming events which happened a year ago.

Episode of Luke - A Luke Haines fansite

A japanese fansite for Luke Haines. It has the usual tracklistings and seems to have quite a bit of other stuff. One of these days I'll learn Japanese and see what it all means!