"Luke Haines is Dead" added

2nd of July 2005 - I've added the details for the Luke Haines collection, Luke Haines is Dead.

Das Capital cover added

17th of June 2003 - I've added the cover of Das Capital to the site.

Added links to Amazon

16th of June 2003 - I've added various links to Amazon, both the US and UK sites, to help you find the title you're after. If the catalogue number on the details page is a link then you can follow it to the item.

Das Capital information added

Early June 2003 - I've added details on Das Capital as well as the the press release for Das Capital.

Site updated and validated

7th of April 2003 - The site has been updated in a major way with details on the last album added as well as various other things updated. The html and css also validate and various accessibility features have been added. More lyrics are on the horizon.