X-Boogie Man

Good Morning Angel
how's your weekend?
how're your manners?
how's your party head?
you look younger in your slumber
as the light falls on your sleepy head

And it must be tough to care and love
and I'm sorry, but you were there
and you just got dragged in
were you just intimidated?
collaborators vindicated now
I don't think so

X - Boogie Man
has been disowned
King Boogie Man
has been dethroned
Bela Lugosi man
got a terrible fright
ghost in the day
bump in the night

I'm amazed, I am amazed
you were there
when we creep crawled the room
he was a happy kid
'til he flipped his lid
now he's a useless git by the afternoon
Fear makes you old
Fear eats the soul
I saw many Boogie Men
lose his nerve

Consider this and take to the cop-out kid
we all get what we deserve
I don't think so

X-Boogie Man
keep the strain
Bela Lugosi man
can't remember a thing
he is dismantled
he is disowned
X - Boogie Man

Susan Atkins is no more
just a name on a roll call
Jack the Ripper, Genghis Khan
all X-Boogie Men