Back with the Killer EP

Clark Collis
The Daily Telegraph

Considerably better - and much nastier - is The Auteurs' new single. If the 1995 Britpop Sweepstakes had a loser then it was Luke Haines, who was forced to sit the year out through a mixture of injury and bad timing while lesser talents hogged the limelight. Not surprisingly, the situation has done little to improve the songwriter's world view, as the Back With the Killer Again EP loses no time in showing. A quartet of weird, disjointed murder tales that feature lake dredging, LSD benders and what sounds like a homage to XTC's Making Plans for Nigel, these tracks provide considerable evidence that, while Haines may never achieve the poster appeal of Damon Albarn or Jarvis Cocker, he is at the very least their equal as a songwriter.