Now I'm a Cowboy

Dan Deluca
Orlando Sentinel Tribune

"You're a thief with style," Luke Haines sneers as grandiose chords bring "Brainchild" to a crashing close. He's probably pointing in the looking glass.

The Auteurs' auteur is a student of '70s glam-guitar acts such as Mott the Hoople and T-Rex, and his lyrics aspire to the withering witticisms of Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant. The British Haines has more than a few "bon mots" stashed in his cummerbund ("There's nothing wrong with inherited wealth," he lets on in "The Upper Classes," "as long as you melt the silver yourself"), but melodies are his toast and jam. And on Now I'm a Cowboy - which follows the guitar/bass/drums/cello blueprint of last year's New Wave - archly insinuating tunes such as "New French Girlfriend" and "I'm a Rich Man's Toy" just keep on coming.