How clever is your favourite popstar?


Cheating Alert! It appears that Justine out of Elastica had told Luke the answers, so we changed a few of the questions. That'll settle his hash!

1.) What is the capital of Peru?
Luke: "I don't know." WRONG. Right answer-Lima.

2.) What does the Pythagoras' Theorem state?
Luke: "The square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other sides." CORRECT.

3.) What was the previous name of Cricket's Nat West Trophy?
Luke: "Something like the Gillette Cup?" CORRECT.

4.) Who wrote the poem The Waste Land?
Luke: "TS Elliot." CORRECT.

5.) Who's the deputy leader of the Labour Party(1993)?
Luke: "No Idea." WRONG. Right answer-Margaret Beckett.

6.) What's the chemical symbol for Lead?
Luke: "K?Cu?" WRONG. Right answer-PB.

7.) What year was the Gunpowder Plot? QUESTION CHANGED TO: What year was the Great Fire of London?
Luke: "1666" CORRECT.

8.) What was the name of the Swedish Prime Minister who was assassinated in 1986?
Luke: "My Swedish politics are a bit rusty." WRONG. Right answer-Olaf Palme.

9.) In which Shakespeare play does Portia appear?
Luke: "Hamlet?" WRONG. Right answer-The Merchant of Venice.

10.) Who directed The Silence of the Lambs? QUESTION CHANGED TO: Who directed Fatal Attraction?
Luke: "Adrian Lyne" CORRECT.

11.) What's the unit currency of Poland?
Luke: "No idea" WRONG. Right answer-The Zloty.

12.) What nationality was the composer Gustav Holst? QUESTION CHANGED TO: What nationality was Bartok?
Luke: "Hungarian." CORRECT.

13.) Which religion was founded by Guru Nanak? QUESTION CHANGED TO: What church was founded by L. Ron Hubbard?
Luke: "The Church of Scientology." CORRECT.

14.) What country is Whitehaven in?
Luke: "Is Sunderland a country? Wales?" WRONG. Right answer-Cumbria.

15.) What International sporting event is held at Flushing Meadows?
Luke: "US Open Tennis." CORRECT.

16.) What does the term En Croute mean?
Luke: "I'm not going to embarrass myself with a wild guess." WRONG. Right answer- French for In pastry.

17.) Of what country is El Al the national airline?
Luke: "Ditto." WRONG. Right answer- Israel.

18.) What is the nearest planet to the Sun?
Luke: "Mercury?" CORRECT.

19.) Which war lasted from 1936-1939?
Luke: "Spanish Civil War." CORRECT.

20.) What are Zander, Gudgeon and Miller's Thumb?
Luke: "Places on the shipping forecast?" WRONG. Right answer-Fish.

21.) Who painted The Scream?
Luke: "Edvard Munch."

22.) Who won The Booker of Bookers? (ie the best of all 25 Booker Prize winners)
Luke: "Salman Rushdie with Midnight's Children." CORRECT.

23.) What is the principle spirit ingredient of a Manhattan?
Luke: "Rum?" WRONG. Right answer-Whisky.

24.) Why is Spencer Perceval unique amongst British Prime Ministers?
Luke: "Was he in prison?" WRONG. Right answer-He was assassinated.

25.) What is the Taoiseach?
Luke: "Something to do with Yoga?" WRONG. Right answer-Irish Prime Minister.

FINAL SCORE: 12/25 (tieing with Lloyd Cole and above Thom Yorke of Radiohead at 10, but being oustead by Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert of the Cocteau Twins (17), Justine Frischman of Elastica (16), Emma Anderson of Lush (15), Alex James of Blur (14), and Miles Hunt of The Wonderstuff in at 13.)

Luke has come on in leaps and bounds, but staff feel that, in view of his performance in the school panto-shouting about how shit the PA was, I recall-he needs to work on this side of his studies. Ungallantly said that Justine should be disqualified "for sounding like Wire"...