Baader Meinhof

James Delingpole
Daily Telegraph

Luke Haines, lead singer of The Auteurs, is not a happy bunny. And who can blame him when his magnificent After Murder Park, for my money one of the year's best rock albums, fared so miserably in the charts? Then again, I suppose a record about suicide, amputation and child murder wasn't to everyone's taste. And I doubt this one - recorded under a different nom-de-plume - will fare any better. The theme is just as nasty - it celebrates Seventies terrorists like Carlos The Jackal and the Baader-Meinhof gang; it was recorded on a very low budget ('about 50p', claims Haines) and the music, though enlivened by the odd singalong chorus and bursts of fuzzy, funk guitar, is largely bleak and inaccessible. Best save your money for the next Auteurs release.