The Auteurs and m-Ziq

David Sinclair
The Times

This bizarre coupling involves sonic texturalist m-ziq (pronounced music) borrowing a small batch of recordings by indie-rock tunesmiths the Auteurs and putting them through the electronic mincer.

m-ziq, the recording and performing alias of 21-year-old Mike Paradinas from Wimbledon, is one of the new breed of ambient techno-boffins who do not let traditional notions of harmony and rhythm interfere with the search for ever more intriguing sounds and atmospheric effects. In his hands, the careworn riffs of "Lenny Valentino", "Chinese Bakery" and "Underground Movies" are transformed into barely recognisable soundscapes, their melodies reduced to eerie, pulsating cycles of sound with little more than a vaguely familiar ring (Luke Haines's singing is ditched altogether).

Victory goes then to m-ziq, by a knockout punch. Auteurs fans beware.