Luke Haines is Dead

Luke Haines is Dead Cover


UK releases

Release date : 2005-07-18

UK formats
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Track listing

  1. Das Capital Overture
  2. Bailed Out (unreleased 'first single')
  3. Showgirl
  4. Glad To Be Gone (b side)
  5. Staying Power (b side)
  6. Junk Shop Clothes (BBC session)
  7. She Might Take A Train
  8. Subculture
  9. Government bookstore (BBC)
  10. Housebreaker (acoustic version, Rough Trade single)
  11. Valet Parking (acoustic version, Rough Trade single)
  12. How Could I Be Wrong
  13. Starstruck (live acoustic)
  14. Home Again (live acoustic)
  15. American Guitars
  16. Wedding Day
  17. High Diving Horses
  18. Lenny Valentino
  19. Disneyworld
  20. I'm A Rich Man's Toy
  21. The Upper Classes (BBC session)
  22. Everything You Say Will Destroy You (BBC)
  23. A Sister Like You
  24. Underground Movies (alternate recording - French single)
  25. Brainchild (alternate recording - French single)
  26. Chinese Bakery (BBC)
  27. Modern History
  28. New French Girlfriend (BBC)
  29. Light Aircraft On Fire
  30. Carcrash
  31. X Boogie Man
  32. New Brat In Town (unreleased - intended Sub Pop single)
  33. Tombstone (unreleased version)
  34. Back With The Killer Again
  35. Unsolved Child Murder
  36. Former Fan
  37. Kenneth Anger's Bad Dream
  38. Kids' Issue
  39. A New Life, A New Family
  40. Buddha
  41. After Murder Park
  42. Baader Meinhof
  43. Meet Me At The Airport
  44. I've Been A Fool For You
  45. Accident (Fuse remix)
  46. Mogadishu (Dalai Lama remix)
  47. ESP Kids (unreleased)
  48. Future Generation (unreleased)
  49. Politic (unreleased)
  50. Johnny and The Hurricanes (Bootboys out-take, unreleased)
  51. The Rubettes
  52. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
  53. Get Wrecked At Home
  54. Essex Bootboys (Bootboys out-take, unreleased)
  55. Discomania (alternate version, unreleased)
  56. Couple Dancing (unreleased)
  57. How To Hate The Working Classes
  58. The Oliver Twist Manifesto (unreleased version)
  59. Never Work
  60. Skin Tight (recorded for the film 'Showboy', unreleased)
  61. Satan Wants Me
  62. The Mitford Sisters
  63. Bugger Bognor


A 3-CD collection of tracks from Luke Haines career including tracks from the Auteurs, Baader Meinhof and Lukes solo career as well as unreleased tracks and remixes.